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However, Ruger took that one step further with its SR-556 Takedown model. The first gun is not only one of my favorites; it’s the lightest and most … Remington Modular Sniper Rifle (MSR) Competes for SOCOM Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) Contract. below, to find the closest FFL Dealer in your area. The LEO TakeDown is a revolutionary innovation in the tactical rifle industry. Proof Research is makin’ some really bangin’ (pun intended) stuff over there, and we just hope they keep doin’ what they’re doin’, ’cause they appear to be doin’ it just right. However, unlike the .450 … A major part of of the CSR Rucksack Rifle’s lightweight footprint, of course, is the result of the aforementioned 14″-16″ Proof Research carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel, which is pretty slick. Military Email Contact Page: http://www.remingtonmilitary.com/Contact.aspx ), DRD Tactical Paratus Rifle: “Revolutionary” 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. Sniper Rifle for Military Special Operations (SPECOPS): First Test! This price should only be used as a general reference and reflects the last online selling price. Caliber: .22 LR, .22 WMR. Deploying the weapon from the pack is easy-peasy, as the large pieces can be put together pretty quick, which is nice, especially if you happen to spot an enemy combatant while you’re hiking around in Stan (Afghanistan). Please click HERE for more details on membership benefits or to join Team Buds. (Video! Oh, and the Pelican Case tactical pack sports a yellow interior for easy policing of the interior. ), LaRue Tactical Suitcase Rifle (“Suitcase Gun”) 14.5” 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. ), Remington Military R-4 Gas Piston Carbine (GPC) Tactical AR Carbine with Proprietary Monolithic Rail System (Pics! The takedown models of the BLR are unique, allowing you to simply … ), By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com November 30, 2020 Last updated on 12/01/20. The premier Ruger takedown rifle is by far the most versatile of the group, which is no small achievement. ), Colt SWORD (Sniper Weapon and Observer Reconnaissance Devices) Networked Weapons Targeting System for Netcentric Warfare (Network-Centric Warfare) Demonstrated for DR at SHOT Show 2014 (Video! This rifle … I prefer lighter, more compact rifles for close quarters work. The subject of this review, the U.S.-made Nemesis Arms Valkyrie, vehemently ends inaccurate suppositions about said rifle … ), Adams Arms COR (Competition Optic Ready) 16.5″ Ultra Lite AR-15 Upper Receiver/Lightweight Tactical Gas Piston AR Carbine with HiperFire HiperTouch 24C Match Trigger and Diamondhead D-45 (Swing Sights) Integrated Sighting System Flip-Up BUIS for Tactical 3-Gun Competition Shooting (Video! Defense Review really likes this gun. Website: http://proofresearch.com, Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) *Please Note!! Takedown rifles, for example, are often panned as being inherently inconsistent, and thus deemed inaccurate. I’ve never really been a big fan of the .308 AR rifles. ), DSG Technology/PNW Arms Multi-Environment Ammunition (MEA) Solid-Copper General Purpose Supercavitating (GPS) and Tungsten Penetrator-Tipped Dual-Core Supercavitating (DCS) Armor-Piercing/Armor-Penetrating (AP) Rounds/Bullets: Sub-Aqua/Underwater Rifle Ammo Goes into Production in USA (Video! DRD Tactical Paratus Rifle: “Revolutionary” 7.62mm NATO/.308 … Uncle Mike's Michaels of Orego, US FIREARMS, USA MAGAZINES, VANGUARD USA, Copyright © 2003-2020 Budsgunshop.com. Henry U.S. when this item is back in stock. Office: 770-925-9988 Click HERE to login or submit your credentials. Takedown PredatOBR AR Carbine at NDIA Joint Armaments 2012 (Range Video! All Rights Reserved. Phone: 406-756-9290 All rights reserved. Adjustable length of pull butt. That’s not what I mean. Remington R-51 9mm Single-Stack Compact/Sub-Compact Pistol (7+1 Rounds) with Sliding Trigger for Concealed Carry (CCW) Cursory Analysis: The Pederson Action Makes another Run in the R51! We think think the one that was on the gun at SOFIC was actually 14″ for maximum manpackability for military assaulters/operators, but we’ll ask. Commercial Email: [email protected] The Owyhee Takedown Bolt Action .22 LR Rifle will be available for purchase in Q1 with an MSRP of $1,065 and a street price of around $879. (CW2), View all items by any one manufacturer by searching or selecting it from the dropdown. Rem 700 with .308 and 22-250 .308 and 22-250 switch barrels. Wait–that makes me sound like a gun-grabber. Browning BLR Lightweight '81 Stainless Takedown Rifle -Quick takedown. represent the actual item being purchased. CAGE: 3K8N3, Pelican Products, Inc. (Pelican Case) Fax: 310-326-3311 Chiappa Little Badger Rifle. ), NEMO Arms Omen Recon .300 Win Mag (.300WM) 18″ Tactical AR Carbine/Rifle with Recoil Reduction System Bolt Carrier Group (RRS BCG), Quick-Detach (QD) Side-Charging Handle and PROOF Research Carbon Fiber Match-Grade Barrel (Video! **Mouse over image above to zoom any area, or click on image to zoom the entire image. I own an AR that fits in a briefcase–and I don’t have any issues with that o… Website: http://www.pelican.com, PNW Arms Toll Free: 800-473-5422 Barrel Length: 16.5” OAL: 31” … Our Pack-Rifle is an incredibly light weight, take-down, utility rifle. Very quick. ), X2 Dev Group Orion X Advanced Zero Back Pressure Suppressor: Full-Auto-Rated, and the ‘Ultimate Suppressor Development Platform’! Email Contact Page: http://www.pelican.com/support/contact.php Do you have a hot tip for us on a potential story. Remington ACR PDW SBR (Adaptive Combat Rifle Personal Defense Weapon Short Barreled Rifle) and Remington Individual Carbine (IC) Candidate: Remington Defense Assault Rifles/Carbines/PDWs at NDIA Joint Armaments Conference 2012 (Video! The manufacturer only allows us to sell this item to individuals they consider to be "Qualified Professionals". Marble Arms front … So, keep the friggin’ stock on. So I was a bit skeptical when I was presented with the DRD Tactical M762. Website: http://www.advanced-armament.com Very quick. The two rifles are Marlins .308 MX ($590) and Brownings takedown BLR in .308 Winchester ($832). US PALM Takedown/Breakdown AK (Kalashnikov AK-47/AKM Rifle/Carbine) with US PALM/Midwest Industries MI Rail Kit at SHOT Show 2012: Tactical, Practical and Backpackable AK for Military Special Operations and Civilian Tactical Shooters! Web: http://www.pnwarms.com. DR likey. Please click HERE to learn more about Qualified Professional discounts. Then choose "Find Dealers". We want one. Please verify this picture accurately reflects the product described The rifle is based on the Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle and is built with a stainless steel receiver and polymer stock. (Video! Free Shipping Offer only applies to specially marked items. Torrance, CA 90505 "Not a Retail Store Stock Item". Find .308 Winchester and 7.62x51 NATO bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. ), Sony Cyber-shot RX100 (DSC-RX100/B) Digital Camera, NDIA SOFIC 2014 (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2014), Proof Research carbon fiber-wrapped barrel, Pelican S115 Sport Elite Laptop/Camera Pro Pack, Proof Research carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel, AAC SR-7 Fast-Attach 7.62 Silencer/Suppressor, http://www.remingtonmilitary.com/Contact.aspx, http://www.pelican.com/support/contact.php. The takedown models of the BLR are unique, allowing you to simply flip a finger lever, twist the receiver and barrel 90 … LBE AR 308 RIFLE LENGTH BUFFER GOLD $ 15.61 (0) LUTH AR 308 RIFLE BUFFER SPRING $ 5.93 (2) Steyr 26.346.3E Scout Bolt 7.62 NATO/.308 WIN NATO 19 FB 5+1 Sy $ 1,599.00 (0) Bergara Rifles BPR21308F Premier Approach Bolt 7.62 NATO/.308 W $ 1,799.99 (0) Ruger 77 Hawkeye Compact .308 …

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